Bruno Herbin

Our artisan verrinesProduction

Our artisan verrines are prepared
at our workshop in Reims.


Choice of recipes

Creating a new recipe is a very personal process; there is always a triggering factor which Bruno Herbin likes to highlight - be it a flavour, a fragrance, or some produce of exceptional quality.
Then comes testing, fine-tuning and tasting, before the recipe can actually materialise.

With his new recipes free from artificial colours and flavours, Bruno Herbin now offers a range of natural verrines. Their lightness and bold flavours will surprise you.


Carefully selected ingredients

Bruno Herbin knows that there cannot be an exceptional end product in gastronomy without flawless and superior produce. Each verrine is prepared with very carefully selected fresh produce.

Select producers

Bruno and Sylvie Herbin never hesitate to pay a visit to their new partners. Meats, vegetables and aromatics all come from farms small enough to have a human touch.

Prioritize local production

Every time it is possible, producers and breeders are chosen within a 100 km radius from the workshop in Reims. Some of them are organic producers, holders of the certification 'Agriculture Biologique', or sustainable farms.


Artisanal production

Bruno Herbin makes his artisan verrines one at a time, in his workshop in Reims. From the preparation of the ingredients to the actual cooking of the verrine content, he applies the exact same rigour and precision which earnt him the title of 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France'.

These work habits are what guarantees the same satisfaction with each mouthful.

Our artisan verrines