The original Gourmet invitation

Victim of his own success!

This signature recipe is a pleasant surprise - a unique verrine, with subtle and rare aromas which are ideally enjoyed with friends.

All the tradition of charcuterie of the Herbin family can be found in this verrine. Indeed, the recipe, unchanged for over half a century, was created by the grand-father in Vouziers, in the district of Ardennes.

Unaffected by fads, its taste triggers nostalgia; it contributes to forming and strengthening bonds between generations. There is loyalty in gastronomy.

Meats from France.
No colourings.


Poultry liver 50%, pork, Madeira 3.5%, cream, milk, bread crumb, whole egg, salt, pepper, shallot, parsley.
Meats from France. No colourings.

Allergen : Sulphites, Milk, Eggs, Gluten

Advice & Preservation

Until the container has been opened, a verrine may be preserved for up to 3 years in a cool dry place.
Consume soon after opening and keep chilled.