Bruno Herbin

Elise & les verrines de MaxOur history

Our verrines tell our family history,
as each member of the family
contributed in an essential way.


A family business

In 1989, in Vouziers, in the southern part of Ardennes, Sylvie and Bruno Herbin took over from the family charcuterie founded in 1969. That same year, their first child, Maxime, was born.


A reward for excellence

Four years later, in 1993, Bruno, at the age of 30, won the title of 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' - Best craftsperson of the year - on his first attempt, at the same time as the family was welcoming a second child, Elise


First verrines

As the business grew, and in particular the catering activity, its renown grew too. And so Sylvie suggested that a range of verrines would respond to their customers' needs - long-life charcuterie, easy to carry and practical, of perfect artisan quality.

In 2006, a second boutique was opened in the centre of Reims near the 'Halles du Boulingrin' market hall, contributing further to the gastronomy of Reims.


Wind of change

Maxime, now an aeronautic engineer, but remembering his childhood spent at the boutique and workshop, pondered ways to increase the production and variety of verrines while strictly preserving the quality. Elise, taking over from her brother after qualifying in hospitality and catering, worked on their commercialisation.


Our gourmet invitation

"Les verrines de Max" is our new range of artisan products, for eating now or keeping in the pantry, for dining at home or to offer as a gift... to take away when travelling, for a weekend or a long holiday.

These recipes are both simple and refined, as well as loyal to family tradition, only improved by Bruno's savoir-faire as 'Meilleur Ouvrier de France' and his penchant for innovation. He now has his daughter Elise by his side, who gives us the opportunity to discover and share his recipes.

Our artisan verrines