Finesse and elegance Duck foie gras

Victim of his own success!

Simply exquisite!
With his half-cooked whole duck foie gras, delicately seasoned and perfumed with Port, Bruno Herbin offers you an excellent dish synonymous with refinement and gastronomic pleasure.

Bruno Herbin and Foie gras, a long love story ...
It is the perfect mastery of the preparation of his foie gras that has earned Bruno Herbin the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Each verrine is made with duck livers from Alsace, carefully selected. Traceability and quality guaranteed!

Meats from France.
No colourings or preservatives.


Duck foie gras, Porto, salt, pepper.
Meats from France. No colourings or preservatives.

Allergen : Sulphites

Advice & Preservation

To fully appreciate the subtle flavors and the melting texture of our foie gras, we recommend that you take it out at 30 minutes before tasting it.

Store 6 months in the refrigerator between + 0 ° C to + 4 ° C imperatively.
After opening, keep the verrine in a cool place and consume quickly.