Holiday memories Wild boar with redcurrants and Bouzy rouge

Victim of his own success!

The flavours convey the strength of the Ardennes wild boar, the joyful tartness of the Meuse redcurrants and the warm and fruity fullness of 'Bouzy Rouge' wine.

Red is the colour of the fruit, the wine and boar meat. This recipe reveals the secret shadows of the forests which stretch out to the southern foothills of the Mountain of Reims. This is where the boars of Ardennes live.

The meat of this symbolically Gaulish animal is prepared with the still wine made on the slopes of the Marne river, downstream from Épernay. The redcurrants come from Bar-le-Duc in the nearby Meuse district - their region of choice. There they grow in fine shiny red clusters, ready to be picked at the beginning of the summer holidays in July.

Meats from France.
No colourings or preservatives.


Ardennes boar meat 50%, pork, pork liver, Bouzy red wine 5%, redcurrants of Lorraine 3%, whole egg, salt, pepper, onion, Cognac.
Meats from France. No colourings or preservatives.

Allergen : Sulphites, Eggs

Advice & Preservation

Until the container has been opened, a verrine may be preserved for up to 3 years in a cool dry place.
Consume soon after opening and keep chilled.